Brim Consulting LLC, Architects is a multi-disciplined architectural and planning firm consisting of focused professionals visualizing and developing cost effective and quality design solutions. Utilizing a team approach of Architects, Planners and Interior Designers using strategic planning and analysis, we develop projects with conventional and non-conventional solutions in a fiscally responsible manner.

BCL focuses on strategic planning and analysis throughout the entire process including site selection, building design and construction administration.

BCL’s Business Philosophy: The Four C's

Brim Consulting is dedicated to Strategic Planning and Client Advocacy. We strive to be the voice of our client. BCL directs its efforts and actions based on the reality of "client desires.” Our goals are to execute actions to emphasize critical issues that are often ignored; to help influence efficient project completion, to research details and exceed client expectations and needs. We do this so what the “client desires" is produced in a cost effective and professional manner. BCL believes it is accountable to the client, society and the environment.

BCL’s Client Advocacy addresses project sensitivity in the following areas:

Client - We focus our attention on providing for client’s desires by incorporating the smallest of integral details.

Cost - We believe cost equals discipline and choices. Choices made to reflect your finances and the available tools to meet your project goals . . . all in a fiscally responsible fashion.

Communication - We commit ourselves to ask more questions, research more details, examine more potential solutions and present our responses in a more comprehensive and understandable way.

Community - We direct our energies on every project to provide contexturality and value to the community.

Brim Consulting encourages and interacts with other excellent design and business professionals experienced in the Design, Construction, Real Estate and Development Industries.

Everyone at BCL has a hands-on approach. The firm's principal and project manager directly oversee your project. Some may consider this method old-fashioned, but it works for us - and for our clients.

We invite you to See Our Work. Click on a graphic link below to see examples of the types of projects we've done and our approach to planning, design and execution.